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released June 23, 2009

All songs written by S. A. Hopkins and performed by Scan Hopper, © 2009, Out of Zeitgeist (ASCAP).
Recorded/produced/mixed/mastered by Scott at Abbey Road Apartments in Austin Texas USA.

Additional recording personnel:
Bethany 'The Barracuda' Sneed provided voice and keyboard on "Swimming With Seafood, Differently", Jamie Suire lent voice to "The Grass Mountain", Andrea Junker was the yoga school dropout on "Yoga School Dropout", and Sugar (1990-2006) meowed on "White Fur". Also, an unnamed duck appears (unbilled).

Thanks to all the friends, family and fans who have supported and encouraged the making of this home recording.

For dad.

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Scan Hopper Austin, Texas

Austin's answer to a question no one asked.

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Track Name: Your Timbre
the air dwindles down
around me
seeping through the ground
it found me
no gaze as i stare
unknown view
and yet, i am there
i feel your timbre

Track Name: The Bureaucrat
his room is such a barren scene
not of matter, mentally
this boredom is blocked with a song
ticking seconds in his brain
he waits out this time constraint
alone with the contemplations
that can't be shared

the threshold hit him suddenly
at once his mind peeled, opening
his earphones fell to the ground
he gasped for air as he disappeared
and rose above the desk and chair
collapsing in self
to a core of energy

Andrew: "wake me from this absurd dream that i have found
with backward voices echoed in the breeze
i look about and only find myself somehow
staring back as if it wasn't me"

Them: carried only by the thought you made
you alone arrived here from the solid plain

Andrew: "i hear someone/something speaking clearly now but not one letter do i understand"

Them: first attempt went unexpectedly
do accept our regretful apology
until the problem's answer is found
live inside days as we conceive them now

Andrew: "what?"
Track Name: Notes or the Face (Plumage Rock)
he shouted down in the haze above
presenting noise as a path to love

under the flashing light
a drowned unwitting sigh
the thought will always be
is it the notes or the face i see?

she walked alone and bypassed the crowd
the vision tunneled to stare him down

under the flashing light
a loud unwitting sigh
the thought will always be
is it the notes or the face i see?

i dream the sound, my only one
Track Name: Yoga School Dropout
in the back of a hidden mind
the landscape is so sublime
down by the lake where the thought rivers flow

she waits here patiently
looking for a seed to sow

in the hour rests the day
no other time will frame
obscured existence, just one can know

she sets this endless scene
moving as the signals show

"in a silent frequency
as it translates to me
here now, present time
so aligned
all with me tonight
behind these piercing sun eyes"
Track Name: Swimming With Seafood, Differently
i could live inside a plaster shell
watching others from a window sill
finding a way to stay on my own

i could sleep beneath the current waves
waking only when the dreams abate
finding a way to stay on my own

when the sun shines above
let me know, and send a picture of
but here in the deep I will roam
down in the deep is my home

i was blind, but you left a light on in my room
Track Name: Misfits of Science
under a cloud, the man-made cloud
a darkness dwells as an evening shroud
just a look, a moment's glance
reveals a whole existence born
from fear of end alone

confusion orb, so well intact
bound and glued with false abstracts
such an ill circumstance
but when almost blind
so many seem lost

in our eyes
the revealing lies
Track Name: Sparker
sold from the beginning
aware of the cost
just a devastate of mind
that passed so long ago

cant convey a description
nor understand the cause
but i'd be foolish not to see
or know just who you are

a fraction from the start
the sparker in the dark
Track Name: Shadow
a shadow walked into my quiet room
but it wasn't dark, so i could describe it well for you
there were azure eyes that surely gleamed
with hair of fire, and lips like soft pearls from the sea

the hours passed but still it lingered near
a presence there, fully aware of none but me
and when the time arrived to take my leave
each exit step was haunted by the vision seen

i wandered through the sultry night
just to free my tangled mind
a thousand faces must have passed me by
still the shadow from the day held its spell all the same

i didn't know where to find her
until the morning arrived
Track Name: Andrew (Satellite World)
i took a fall
from the top of the stairs
my body bruised and broken
what did i care?
i drew away
from the solid line
and burned the paper
as i jumped from the bind

no part replaced
shifting, turning, wandering
though the maze
it is retained
blurred, not erased
all the waking hours
of my days

as it arrived
i quickly embraced
with a second's notice
an unknown fate
caught in a wave
turning the tide
falling forward
in another time

hold back, satellite world
clear in my sight, not in your furls
i can hear the future sound
but i feel the hours running out
Track Name: Day 11,851
we woke up at sleep's end
and made our decision
gone with the morning light
the endpoint undescribed

traveling through deadened plains,
copied cities, dry lake beds
all seemed invisible
falling through the cracks of our minds

composing from the earth
performing to the sky
we spent the day as such
extracting all we touched

and with the setting sun
we changed the course at once
returning home
never arriving
Track Name: The Grass Mountain
flood a calming water deep inside me
to drown the silent fears as its unfolding
we heard the second tale
we heard the masses wail
in the bed they/we made

wait with me in the valley shadow
as time and wind destroys the grass mountain
down in the daylight shade
we'll see the ridges fade
and the fiction fail