Scan Hopper 2

by Scan Hopper

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released October 4, 2011

Featuring Scott Hopkins, Brian Purington, Ryan Nelson, and David Thomas Jones.

Additional vocals by The Bureaucrettes (Kristen Bartos, Carlyn Hudson, Jamie Suire).

Viola was expertly provided by James Alexander, the operatic E on “Travelogue” was nailed by Adrienne Anenome, and the distant conclusion piano on “Cuest” was inadvertently summoned from Phil Ajjarapu. Special appearances by Julia and RyRy. “And” Marina Briggs.

Cover photograph taken on November 6, 2001 by Damian Skowronek.

All songs written by S. A. Hopkins and performed by Scan Hopper, © 2011, Out of Zeitgeist (ASCAP).

Recorded/produced/mixed/mastered by Scott at Abbey Road Apartments and The North Forest in Austin Texas USA.

Mastered for optimum enjoyment rather than optimum loudness.

Thanks to all the friends, family and fans who have supported and encouraged the making of this home recording.

For mom.

Contact us for any reason at

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Scan Hopper Austin, Texas

Austin's answer to a question no one asked.

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Track Name: Wave
i saw her drifting in the wind thirty feet off the ground
lifted silently, it seems, by an essence of sound
no attention to her feet, nor the possible fall
speaking nothing, nonetheless she picks up my signal

though acknowledged, still her face turns toward the beyond
the expression there reveals not one thought of alarm
so the minutes stretch to days, still receding from our view
as the year compiles the weeks, and the glimpses become few
(inside the wave, like before)
Track Name: Sans Angelo
in my headlamps casting dim island light in nighttime's grip
between lines from there to here

hours of a careful gaze at the edge of blackened space
alone in my deafening dome

as the markers streak on by and the signs are ignored, i tunnel through the desert night

to the entrance place and time:
brightened pinpoint in my sight, wasted city at my back

i heard the siren call deep in the nowhere of my home
ignored by all but me
its threat so obvious and scorned
thus through the dusty haze of windblown sand and fear
i rode with no refrain
straight out
far away
Track Name: Scarlett Says (Curse)
observing in the darkened corner
with others dancing through their lives
that easy, simple love
so unheard of

this crowded hall of vacant lovers
swirling together in the night
bleeds in a silence through
walls of her room

and in a lonely bed tomorrow
the afternoon will pass her by
'til the first sign of dark
unfolds afar

"what is the curve that disrupts your sight
to make me so invisible to you?
what is the secret between the lines
that barricade the remnants of my love?
and who can be trusted if the mirror lies
to show me only what i want to see?"

oh the rain it brings
but so free to sing
Track Name: Living In Sane/Travelogue
been watching the cycles ignore the score
conversion solaced, all wet and reborn
facial dours unreplaced
dogmatic prison
lies at the gate

submerging the color straight to the core
a train of reversion fracturing hordes
impossible interface
clear as the crystal
never to blame

planted with seedy and shedding allure
as stench of the barkeep wafts through the boors
liquid shadows following days
end of the circle
living in sane


a dawning midnight collapses noon
scattering the sun's every ray
within the empty
this unlit view
cries in the black to replace
a thousand moments
alone, its true
fleeing the tongue of the snake
and so begins my travelogue:
'Transition Life on the Brink'
Track Name: N%
we finally asked of what we saw
the puzzle secret of its thought
perhaps a fragment or a seed
what are the odds and could it be?
no divided by zero
Track Name: Holy Parachute
in dusty relics of the human breed
he settled in beneath a chosen screen
near-seamless living, rigid destiny
mirage the friend and doubt the enemy
but through foggy two-way glass
universe from first to last
dropped the flames of starlight seed
never locked, obviously
upward his vision shifted once to see
eternal faithless rapture ecstasy
lifting from the shaky ground and collecting all around
with those not acknowledging soon shed accordingly

"i say this overwhelming hypnotic facade
is simply the final beastly trick
to sabotage my very soul...

never looking down
Track Name: Grey Paint On Brick
in current flows
through past below
here as i sing
mountains moving
shifting of land
opened at last
but from the breach

cowering it gives
vapid uplift
negative soul
unwelcome home
polish of shit
grey paint on brick
drying the seeds
covering unique
Track Name: Cuest (In Cerebral Bookends)
between the bulwarks
holding on through the freeze, fast-collapsing relations and underhand besiege
secured in the hardened arch
a white engulfing frame
abstract forever home where only i can stay

mesmerizing fallacies consort behind the walls
along with blitzkriegers, enablers and pawns
they murmur asking frequently the secret in the stream
my lips move to tell you, voicing silently

unassuming grey model
electric chaos cloud whose current fills the empty space
so quietly, so loud
obvious with single touch
feel it trapped within?
how i wish to feel it flow, conducting through my skin

here lies a sequencing unsheathed at the core
massless and invisible
nonetheless explored
over the surface but immersed in the sea
i'd love to show you

. . .

wake deprived in sleeping hours (inside unseen)
parsing decades in the tower (examining)
observing my burden state (aligned above still planted feet)
frozen before future curve (resigned and reigned)
in the fog of dull terror (safely in same)
every/anything, so vague (loudness the slow and rising gain)
foolish laugh concealing sound (fluttering flaws)
of disorder upside-down (combating all)
cluttering each lucid page (casualties counted on the wall)
in stout barriers of mind (realizing fate)
sprawling endlessly confined (almost too late)
compromising what remains (to slowly open the unlocked gate...)